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Fitness was NOT in my genes.

It's hard to admit, but I had been working out for 3 years solid in this photo.

I was ready to make a change, but nothing seemed to happen.

At this point, I started to believe that I was cursed.

I would do every workout plan out there and tried every diet, but my body stayed the same.

Even to the point where I would hide my protein shakes to avoid getting made fun of.

Something had to change, but I felt stuck and questioned if I would ever be able to create something great.


Dead Ends At Both Ends

There were times where I would go for it.

I would run 100mph toward my goals...

But in the opposite direction.

Even extreme work always seemed to end in disappointment.

When I didn't eat enough my body wouldn't gain any muscle, and when I ate a ton, my body would just pack on a bunch of fat.

I felt that my body was just not meant to change...

Finding the right support

I finally had a turning point.

I found a guide.

Someone who understood the path to get to my goals and how to help me overcome my own unique obstacles.

I never knew how important a guide was.

I found out that I had all the pieces to the puzzle, but all in the wrong order.

I found that my greatest obstacle, however, was myself.

The truth was, I didn't believe in myself half as much as my coach did, but that made all the difference.

When you have someone who believes in you, even more than you believe in yourself, this is the game changer.


The Door Is Unlocked

After finding the right support, my life was transformed for good.

When you realize that you can change your body, you realize you can transform your life!

I now have a mission to be the key for your goals

Your guide.

When you have someone who knows your goals, exactly what to do to get there, and how to get past all of the obstacles you face, results become a reality.

My mission is for you to feel free.

To feel that you are not cursed and that you can achieve the body of your dreams.

If you want to learn more how you can become a part of the Noah Fitness Academy, where I teach all of my clients how to make a permanent change in their body. Apply below to begin your journey.

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